Located in San Diego, CA. Signal Hill Design specializes in website design and implementation. 


Like any good story, mine started in a pub. What started as a social outing ended with a partnership with a local non-profit, Triple B Adventures. After building a few websites for TBA, Signal Hill began to take shape.

I work with small businesses to create SEO-optimized websites, eCommerce platforms or anything in between. I can also help you set up a digital marketing campaign. I work with each of my clients to decide the best plan for them. 



A few projects that I've completed and maintain. 

Triple B Adventures

The original! Triple B Adventures is a veteran non-profit aimed at getting vets outdoors. TBA gives warriors a chance to reconnect with their brothers and sisters.


The remix! Modern Mountain Man Rendezvous is a bi-annual fundraiser for TBA. Want to learn how to throw an axe and skin a rabbit? This is your jam. 


Anechoic Systems is an amazing company. They specialize in anechoic chambers and shielded rooms. Want to build a EMP proof panic room? Talk to these guys. 


Healing by water

Recreate your life in water in a flow that not only aligns but feels right to your body, mind and soul through the powerful medium of warm water. Experience a moment of reset, peace, relaxation, trust and surrender. Release body pain and negative thought forms that are blocking you from obtaining an abundant passionate life, free of reliving and re-experiencing trauma with the primary intervention of aquatic bodywork therapy.